From omega to Omega

(12 Jun 2023–07 Jul 2023)

Organizing Committee



  • Yue Yang  (National University of Singapore)


Computability theory and set theory are two branches of mathematical logic. Both originated from questions about the consistency and decidability of mathematics: modern set theory and logic are based on a response to the foundational paradoxes of Russell and Frege; the formalization of computability was used by Gödel in his negative result regarding Hilbert’s programme, namely his incompleteness theorem. There are strong ties between the two subjects, via the study of definability. This has led leading researchers such as Theodore Slaman to view both fields as lying at two ends of a continuum. Recent results have revealed new and exciting connections between computability theory and set theory.


This workshop will bring both computability theorists and set theorists together and develop further connections between the two fields.


The program will focus on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Algorithmic randomness and analysis
  2. Reverse mathematics and effective content of combinatorial principles
  3. Forcing axioms and the axiom star (*)
  4. New methods in forcing
  5. Descriptive inner model theory, the core model induction and the mouse set conjecture


The IMS will be closed on 29 June 2023 for the Hari Raya Haji public holiday.

Collaborative research and workshop12 June–7 July 2023N/A
Workshop on Computability Theory 12–16 June 2023View
Workshop on Computability Theory, Set Theory and their interactions19–30 June 2023View
Workshop on Set Theory 3–7 July 2023View


IMS Auditorium

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