Resources for Speakers

Speakers are on an invited basis arranged by the program organizers. Self-registered participants who wish to give a presentation can email contact the respective organizers, sending in a proposed title and abstract for their presentation.


Please prepare an abstract according to the following guidelines:

  1. Email us your abstract in both LaTeX and PDF formats using the template , or in plain text. An example generated by the tex file may be found here.
  2. Input information for
    1. Name of author(s)
    2. Affiliation
    3. Title
    4. Abstract
    5. References
  3. Please do not add or change the following in the abstract template
    1. \documentclass, \documentstyle, \bye, \eject, \newpage, \title, \author, \section, \subsection
    2. Commands to change margins or alter page numbering.
    3. Macro definitions that are only used in your paper but not in your abstract.


Our IT staff will assist speakers with all audiovisual equipment, including the uploading of slides to the desktop computer before your talk.

Facilities/equipment available in the auditorium at our institute:

  • Wifi access (IMS network)
  • Whiteboard
  • LCD projector and a visualiser
  • Desktop computer with presentation for MS Powerpoint and Adobe PDF
  • Rostrum microphone
  • Wireless clip on microphone
  • Laser pointer

The standard options for presentations are:

  1. PDF format. Please send us your slides in advance by email or bring them on a USB key before your talk.
  2. PowerPoint presentation loaded on your own laptop computer. Please notify our IT staff ahead of time before your presentation so that we can do the set up and check its compatibility with our equipment.

Please let our IT staff know in advance if you would like to play audio/video files on our desktop computer so we could check its compatibility.

Presentation Slides/Notes

We would like a copy of your presentation slides (in PDF format). You could email us the slides nearer to your scheduled talk. We will ask for a copy of your slides on the day of your presentation as well.

The slides will be uploaded to the schedule webpage. You could give us handwritten notes if you have given a whiteboard talk. We will scan a copy for upload.

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