Index Theory and Complex Geometry

(21 Jun 2021–16 Jul 2021)

Organizing Committee

  • Fei Han (National University of Singapore)

Contact Information

General Enquiries: ims(AT)
Scientific Aspects Enquiries: mathanf(AT)


Interactions between people working in Index Theory and Complex Geometry are increasing. One of the reasons is that although researchers use different tools and techniques, their studies have profound connections and are understandable to people from both sides. Sharing experiences and techniques is an opportunity for them to accelerate collaboration works. Index Theory and Complex Geometry recently both have spectacular developments. In this program, we plan to dig out more materials on complex geometry side of global analysis led by recent development on geometric hypoelliptic Laplacians.

Another focus of our program will be the interaction of analytic localization technique in local index theory and complex geometry, for example, the study of Bergman Kernel.We expect that recent works in complex geometry, on pluripotential theory, the Hormander L2 method and the study of Bergman kernels would have many things to share with index theory.

List of Participants

Pierre Albin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Jean-Michel Bismut Universite Paris-Sud, France
Jean-Benoit Bost Universite Paris-Sud, France
Peter Bouwknegt The Australian National University, Australia
Judith Brinkschulte University of Leipzig, Germany
Damien Brotbek Universite de Lorraine, France
Hsiao Chin-Yu Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Xianzhe Dai University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Tien Cuong Dinh National University of Singapore, Singapore
Peter Ebelfelt University of California San Diego, USA
Said EL MADRARI Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Moulay Ismail University of Meknes, Morocco
Elisha Falbel Sorbonne Universite, France
Teng Fei Columbia University, USA
Huitao Feng Nankai University, China
Sergio Fenley Florida State University, USA
Wei Guo Foo Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
John Erik Fornaess Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Andrea Galasso National Center for Theoretical Sciences, NTU, Taiwan
Priyabrat Gochhayat Sambalpur University, India
Henri Guenancia Centre National de La Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France
Fei Han National University of Singapore, Singapore
Zhicheng Han University of Gottingen, Germany
Pedram Hekmati University of Auckland, New Zealand
Nigel Higson Pennsylvania State University, USA
Peter Hochs University of Adelaide, Australia
Fei Hu University of Waterloo, Canada
Xiaojun Huang Rutgers University, USA
Sukmoon Huh Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
Jun-Muk Hwang Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Korea
DeVon Ingram University of Chicago, USA
Luis Ioos Tel Aviv University, Israel
Tsuyoshi Kato Kyoto University, Japan
Elena Lukzen Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA), Italy
Xiaonan Ma Universite Paris Diderot - Paris 7, France
Xinchun Ma The University of Chicago, USA
George Marinescu Cologne University, Germany
Hung Nguyen University of Pisa/ INdAM, Italy
Keiji Oguiso Osaka University, Japan
Yusuke Okuyama Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
Raphael Ponge Sichuan University, China
Sumit Roy Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
Min Ru University of Houston, USA
Nikhil Savale Universitat zu Koln, Germany
Mei-Chi Shaw University of Notre Dame, USA
Shu Shen Sorbonne Universite, France
Weixiao Shen Fudan University, China
Nessim Sibony Universite Paris-Sud, France
Yanli Song Washington University, USA
Laurent Stolovitch Universite Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
Hong Su Chongqing University of Technology, China
Shigeharu Takayama University of Tokyo, Japan
Xiang Tang Washington University, USA
Alexander Tumanov University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Mathai Varghese University of Adelaide, Australia
Boris Vertmann University of Bonn, Germany
Hang Wang East China Normal University, China
Ben Weinkove Northwestern University, USA
Siye Wu National Tsinghua University, Taiwan
Junrong Yan University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Ken-ichi Yoshikawa Kyoto University, Japan
Guoliang Yu Texas A&M University, USA
Shilin Yu Xiamen University, China
Maxim Zabzine Uppsala University, Sweden
Weiping Zhang Nankai University, China
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