For visitors who receive accommodation support from IMS, accommodation is usually arranged in advance by our Housing Officer at IMS. Payment is not required if accommodation is arranged and paid by us. Our Housing Officer will email you the arrangements for your accommodation around two weeks prior to your arrival. There will be instructions on how to check-in should you arrive at the place of housing after office hours.

On-Campus Housing

IMS corresponds with the Office of Housing Services (OHS) at the National University of Singapore for guest accommodation at various locations around the Kent Ridge campus:

Pre-payment for these bookings are required unless the cost is covered by a NUS department. You may pay using your credit/debit card (VISA / Mastercard).

Off-Campus Housing

Corporate rates are available with selected hotels for self-registered participants. Please contact our Secretariat at ims(AT) to ask for rates after you register for the program at our webpage.

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