Symposium in Memory of Charles Stein [1920 - 2016]

(17 Jun 2019–28 Jun 2019)

Organizing Committee





  • Qi-Man Shao (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Southern University of Science and Technology)


Charles M. Stein (22 March 1920–24 November 2016) was one of the most original statisticians and probabilists of the 20th century. His ideas and his work have profoundly influenced the development of both statistics and probability. In this symposium in memory of Charles Stein, we will pay tribute to a man whose work has profound and wide-ranging influence on both statistics and probability and whose ideas never cease to inspire all of us.

The symposium will comprise two parts, one on statistics and the other on probability. It will consist of talks on research topics that have evolved from or are related to Stein’s work. It will also consist of talks about Stein, the person, some of his fundamental discoveries, and the influence of his ideas.



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