String and M-Theory: The New Geometry of the 21st Century – II

(01 Nov 2021–30 Nov 2021)

Organizing Committee



  • Fei Han (National University of Singapore, Singapore)



Contact Information

General Enquiries: ims(AT)
Scientific Aspects Enquiries: scitmc(AT)


This 1-month program is a sequel to the highly successful “String and M-Theory: The New Geometry of the 21st Century” conference held from 10-14 Dec 2018, where we will again bring together pure and string mathematicians who work on the mathematical foundations of string/M-theory and string mathematics, respectively, to further investigate and explore the mathematical underpinnings and implications of string/M-theory, so as to gain a better understanding of the “new kind of geometry” that it embodies. Apart from bringing us closer to obtaining our sought-after “Theory of Everything”, this effort will also help advance pure mathematics and theoretical physics in a nontrivial way, as a better understanding of the “new kind of geometry” that string/M-theory embodies, would mean that new mathematics can be formulated, while current physical models which can be realized within the framework of string/M-theory can also be more deeply understood.

It will consist, in the first 3 weeks, of morning lectures on sub-themes with afternoons free for discussions and tutorials, and in the last week, a conference on the latest research developments with morning talks and afternoons free for discussions.


Dates of activities will be announced soon.


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