Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) 2024 – Singapore

(20 May 2024–19 Jul 2024)


The Research in Industrial Projects for Students Program in Singapore (RIPS-SG) is run by the Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS) in collaboration with IPAM/UCLA and provides an opportunity for talented undergraduate students to work in international teams on a real-world research project proposed by sponsors from. The student team, with support from their academic mentor and industry mentor, will research the problem and present their results, both orally and in writing, at the end of the program.

The program is open to students from Singapore and Asian universities.

The program is nine weeks. Projects vary, but all involve mathematics, statistics, data science and computer science to some degree.


Shared offices at IMS will be provided to all participants. All participants are expected to work with their teams on the project daily at IMS during office hours unless exception is given. Below is a list of key dates where all teams will get together for presentations, etc. 


Opening Day 20 May 2024N/A
Projects Finals Day18 July 2024N/A
Closing Day19 July 2024N/A


Who should consider applying to RIPS-Singapore?

RIPS is a program for students who are starting their third year or have just completed an undergraduate (bachelors) degree. Students with a strong background in mathematics and an interest in seeing how mathematics is used in the real world are encouraged to apply. Most of the projects have a significant computational component, so that proficiency (or at least some experience) in computer science, data analysis or numerical computation is valuable, but not necessary for everyone.

What will participating in RIPS do for me?

First, in contrast to most summer research experiences that focus on an academic problem where students work closely with a faculty member, RIPS students apply their knowledge in mathematics, statistics, data science, computer science or related areas to a real-world industrial problem, with an emphasis on problem solving using whatever methods are appropriate. Second, RIPS students work on teams; for many students, this is their first experience working in a team environment. Third, RIPS provides students an opportunity to explore careers in mathematics, science and technology. They learn about the company that is sponsoring their project through interaction with their industrial mentor. Fourth, RIPS students learn report writing and public presentation skills that will be invaluable to them as they continue with an academic or professional career in an industrial setting. Finally, students will live and work with students from Asian countries, and skills you develop, will give you an edge in the job market.

What is it is like to participate in RIPS-Singapore?

RIPS students live, work and socialize together over the summer, so they form close professional and personal relationships. Students will have a large shared office at IMS, with private team meeting space available upon request. Public transportation is convenient and inexpensive. Students work hard, but they also explore the city, go on hikes, take weekend trips, and find other ways to enjoy their summer in Singapore.

What does the program emphasize?

The program emphasizes research, of course, but this is just part of it. You will experience group work, perhaps for the first time, and learn to navigate the team environment. In addition, you will learn to present the results of your research. You will write a formal final report for your "client" (the industry sponsor) as well as prepare and give final presentations of your work during "Projects Day."

Can I choose my sponsor or which project I want to participate in?

No, you cannot choose your sponsor and/or the project. The Program Director will assess the merits of each selected applicant, assign and allocate the team members for each project.

What classes should a student have already completed to be adequately prepared for RIPS?

The backgrounds of successful applicants vary quite a bit. Most have taken some upper-division courses in mathematics, statistics, programming and related subjects. We will consider the courses you have completed to decide which project is right for you; since students work in teams, if you haven't covered a subject that is relevant to your project, chances are one of the other students has.

I will graduate with my Bachelors Degree this spring; am I eligible to participate in the RIPS-SG program this summer?

Yes, we will accept applicants who will complete their bachelor’s degree anytime in 2024.

What support do participants receive?

  • Students from Singapore and Asian universities will receive a stipend.
  • Travel allowance is only provided for students travelling to Singapore.
  • Shared accommodation within NUS campus is provided for all participants. For the full experience, all participants must stay together at the allocated location within NUS campus.

What is expected of me?

  • Applicants are expected to commit their time fully to the program.
  • Participants are provided with shared offices and are expected to report to IMS daily during office hours to work on the assigned project.
  • All participants are must stay together at the allocation location.


An in-person program at IMS on Kent Ridge Campus, NUS.

All successful applicants will be provided with shared spaces at IMS, and are expected to report daily to IMS to work on the assigned projects.


The call for applications will be opened in early 2024.

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