The Statistical Physics of Continuum Particle Systems with Strong Interactions

(29 Aug 2022–09 Sep 2022)

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General Enquiries: ims-enquiry(AT)
Scientific Aspects Enquiries: matghos(AT)


This is a two-week program gathering mathematicians and physicists interested in the statistical physics of strongly correlated and long range random particle systems. These particle systems include Gibbs point processes such as Coulomb gases, determinantal point process, eigenvalues of random matrices, etc. They are linked to mathematical long-standing challenges such as the crystallization and best packing conjectures among others. One aspect that we want to put forward in this meeting is that the pioneering tools from classical statistical mechanics à la Ruelle, Lanford, Lebowitz may not have been used enough for the study of these particle systems yet.

Subthemes include :

  • Continuum Models for Statistical Mechanics
  • Coulomb Gases
  • Determinantal Point Processes
  • Rigidity, Tolerance and Hyperuniformity of Point Processes



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