Indra’s Pearls: A Mathematical Adventure

(28 Jan 2021)


Ng Kong Beng Public Lecture Series


This public lecture is part of the workshop on Topics at the Interface of Low Dimensional Group Actions and Geometric Structures (04–15 Jan 2021).


About the Talk:

This talk is based on the book of the same title by David Mumford, Caroline Series and David Wright. It tells the story of the authors’ computer explorations of some simple but repeated operations on complex numbers, whose interactions produce delicate and beautiful fractals. We will explain the simple geometry and algorithms which generate the pictures, behind which lies a wealth of mathematical meaning. Some of the discoveries explained in the book feed into current research. More pictures and software for generating your own designs can be found on the web.

Biography of Speaker:

Caroline Series is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics. Her research interest areas are in Hyperbolic 3-manifolds, Kleinian groups and Dynamical systems. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), the American Mathematical Society and of the Institute of Mathematics and Applications. She was President of the London Mathematical Society 2017–2019. She was a founder member of the organization European Women in Mathematics and also the first vice-chair of the International Mathematical Union’s Committee for Women in Mathematics.


Online Event

6.00 PM (SG Time)
10.00 AM (GMT Time)


Watch the video of the lecture here.

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