Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Statistical Methods in Genetic/Genomic Studies

(3 - 14 Jan 2022)

General Enquiries: ims(AT)nus.edu.sg
Scientific Aspects Enquiries: stalj(AT)nus.edu.sg

In this two-week program, we will focus on the advances in statistical genetics/genomics from both the applied and theoretical perspectives. The specific goal of the proposed workshop will be to equip researchers in genetic-related fields with the cutting-edge methods to better conduct genetic studies as biomedical research including genetic/genomic studies is one of the primary research areas supported by Singapore.

The themes will include the advances in statistical genetics and high-dimensional regression in genetics/genomics as follows:
  1. Integrative analysis of genetics/genomics:
    1. Statistical methods leveraging transcriptome information;
    2. Statistical methods integrating different types of genetic/genomic data;
    3. Statistical methods used to make causal inference in genetic studies;
  2. The advance for high-dimensional regression in genetics/genomics.

Two-week integrated workshop with diverse topics.


Group photo will be uploaded at a later date.