Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) 2020 – Singapore

(1 Jun - 30 Jul 2020)

University at which you are currently marticulated
Country of affiliation

Expected year of graduation from university (YYYY)
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First Major:

Second Major:

List all higher level courses in math, statistics and computer science which you have taken (with your grade in parentheses) and which you are currently taking:

RIPS projects cover a wide range of areas. Your responses to the following two questions, along with your coursework, computer skills and other qualifications, will help us assign projects.

Please check the box next to the topic listed below that interests you (check all that apply):
Differential Equation and Scientific Computing
Computer Science and Image Processing
Statistics and Data Analysis
Geometry and Combinatorics
Finance and Economics
Physical Science and Engineering
Social Sciences

Please rate your computing skills using the scale provided. You may enter up to three additional programs or programming languages in the blank fields provided.
Please use the following translation table:
1 = Little or no experience
2 = Took one or more introductory classes that had a lot of homework using this skills
3 = Took on or more advaced classes and completed a project using this skills
4 = I've used the skill for extensive internship or research project

Language Score

Please describe your experience with each program or computing language for which you rated your skills 3 or higher

Please describe your research experience with large datasets

Please describe any previous summer or academic year research experience in the space provided . (Max 1000 characters)

Supporting documents required for application.

We require you to attach your CV, transcripts and copy of your Student ID. Please upload to the respective slots below. To complete application, we require two supporting letters of recommendation to be uploaded by your referee. Two links will be provided upon successful submission of this form. Please provide your referee with these links to upload their letters.

File attachments in Acrobat PDF format, no larger than 10 megabytes (10 MB) for each file attached.

You may find PDF editing tool at Formswift

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Supporting documents upon acceptance.

Overseas candidates may be asked to provide one or more of the following in support of their application:

i) submit a letter from your institution stating that you are currently pursuing the course in school;
ii) submit verification proof of your qualifications;
iii) submit an English translation for non-English documents. This translation can be done by a translation service provider;
iv) letter of support from your institution.